Spectacle pyromusical de Saint Hilaire de Riez
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Pyromusical show at Saint Hilaire de Riez

Date and place of the show

On August 23, 2019, come and experience one of the most beautiful sound and light events in existence: a pyromusical show, the perfect combination of fireworks and an outdoor concert! Playing with colors and notes, multicolored explosions and rhythms, the contrast between night skies and luminous bouquets, the pyromusical show of Saint Hilaire de Riez is an unforgettable show to come and contemplate during your vacations.

This year, it will be held at 22:45 on the parking lot of the beach of Sion in Saint Hilaire de Riez.
Discover the official website of the Pyromusical Show of Saint Hilaire de Riez.

Jacques Couturier at the command of the Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez pyromusical show.

This year, the animation will be provided by the famous fireworks maker Jacques Couturier, renowned for 30 years for revolutionizing night skies and buildings during many events and festivals: the Lyon Festival of Lights, Vendée Globe, Chantilly, Paris la Défense…

Taken over by Joseph Couturier, the creator’s son, the company perpetuates its reputation thanks to numerous collaborations with screenwriters, video artists, graphic designers and sound technicians to remain at the forefront of pyrotechnics and offer ever more immersive, stunning and colorful experiences.

For the house of Jacques Couturier, the night is a canvas full of possibilities on which dazzling and moving motifs are brought to life by music.
A must-see event to come and live with your family to put star rains in the eyes of young and old!

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