Room rental in Vendée

Are you looking for a room in the Vendée to organize a seminar or team building?

The Saint Hilaire de Riez campsite is a prestigious place, surrounded by a wild and magnificent natural area. Well-separated pitches, conducive to calm and relaxation… Activities for all tastes in and around the campsite… Calm and a soothing atmosphere, encouraged by our team who are there to allow you to focus on the essential, you and your search for serenity.

Renting a room in the Vendée is therefore the ideal solution for organizing a seminar or a group event over one or more days!

Organize your seminar in Vendée

When you book a stay in our Saint Hilaire du Riez campsite for a seminar, it is quite natural that you are looking for a room offering optimal conditions.

And that’s good because for a corporate event, a private event or the organization of inventive activities, we have everything on site to satisfy you. Whatever the event you want to organize, we have the infrastructure, the room and all the options you need at your disposal.

Our large seminar room will be perfect and will meet all your needs as it is able to adapt to all the requirements that a group can ask for. The necessary equipment is obviously present with notably a Wifi access, a projector, a screen and microphones. The room can be fully or partially privatized. We will also be at your side to help you in the organization and choice of activities and entertainment.

You will be able to choose and take advantage of different formulas for your seminar by selecting among the various possibilities of accommodation but also by organizing the different group meals.

The cooking is always of quality with fresh and local products, all being accessible and to realize in our room in Saint Hilaire de Riez.

Choosing to organize a seminar with the objective of reinforcing team building and inventiveness is above all putting your employees in the best possible position. And to achieve this, what better way than to welcome them in one of our accommodations?

They all have in common that they offer quality comfort whatever your desires or budget. All our chalets and mobile homes are fully equipped and have their own parking space.

The restaurant, with its fresh and local cuisine, will be an ideal place to relax during a seminar. But who says team building seminar and inventive obviously says activities to be practiced in group. And our campsite and its location in the Vendée allow us to offer a maximum of choice.

The campground offers themed evenings, numerous shows and an aquatic area as well as sports olympics or gastronomic workshops.

And around it the Vendée itself offers splendid landscapes and relaxing walks. You can go to one of the islands surrounding the campsite or you can try a tree climbing course, a night out in a canoe or a bowling evening.

All these activities, whether they are in the campsite or around, will benefit your seminar and bring maximum success to your objectives in terms of team building and incentive.

Organize your seminar in Vendée

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